1. The act of copying is to duplicate text, data, files, or disks, producing two or more of the same file or segments of data. Copying a file to an alternate location, such as a USB jump drive, is a common procedure for backing up or sharing a file.

How to copy text

Copya. Highlight the text you want to copy. This could be one word, one line, a paragraph, or all of the text in the document.

b. Click Edit from the top file menu in the program and then click Copy


Right-click the selected text and select copy.


Highlight the text and use the shortcut key Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert.

c. Once the above steps have been completed, the text is moved into a temporary area known as the clipboard. You can then paste the text any number of times into other documents until something else is stored in the clipboard.

Note: You must highlight in order to copy.

Practice copying text

CopyUsing the two text fields below, try copying (Ctrl + C) the text in the first box and pasting (Ctrl + V) into the second. If done correctly, you should see “Example copy text” in both of them as shown in the animated picture.

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2.Copy is also used in the command line to copy a file from one directory to another.

  • See the copy command page for further information about the MS-DOS and Windows command line copy command.
  • See the Linux and Unix cp command page for further information about this command.

Also see: Clipboard, Copy con, Ctrl+C, Cut, Move, Paste


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