1. The process of removing an item and placing it in a temporary location called the clipboard. Once placed in the clipboard the user has the ability of pasting that item elsewhere. Only programs that allow text to be removed can be cut, other programs only allow the user to copy. For example, you can’t cut text from a web page, but can cut text from a Word Processor document or text file.

Cut copy and undo

The picture is a simple metaphor for the Cut, Paste, and Undo functions. Like a pair of scissors, you can cut text, images, files, and other objects and if you wanted to paste what you’ve cut you could use tape(the Paste function). Ctrl+X is the keyboard shortcut key that can also be used to cut anything that is highlighted.

How to cut text

a. Highlight the text you want to cut, this could be one word, one line, a paragraph or all of the text in the document.

b. Click Edit from the top menu in the program and click Cut


Right-click the selected text and select cut.


Highlight the text you want to cut press the Ctrl + X shortcut key to cut the selected text.

c. Once the above steps have been done the text is moved into a temporary area known as the clipboard. You can then paste the text any number of times into any other document until something else is moved into the clipboard.

Practice cutting text

Using the below two text fields try cutting the text in the first box and pasting it into the second box. If done successfully the “Example text to cut” should be moved from the first text field to the second text field.

2. Linux command: see the cut command page for additional information about this command.

3. CUT is also short for Coordinated Universal Time.

Also see: Clipboard, Copy, Move, Paste


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