1. Paste is an operating systems and programs action that allows a user to copy or cut an object or text from one location and move it into another location. For example, a user could copy a URL sent to them by a friend in chat, e-mail, or over an IM and paste that URL into a web browser to visit the website.

Tip: If the text, image, or other objects that have not been properly copied, it cannot be pasted.

Cut copy and undo

In the above picture is an example of how paste can be applied to tape in the real world. Like a pair of scissors you can cut text, images, files, and other objects and if you wanted to paste what you’ve cut you could use tape. The Ctrl+V is the keyboard shortcut key that can also be used to paste anything that is in the clipboard.

How to paste

Pastea. Move the cursor to the location you want to paste the contents to and click Edit and then Paste.

b. Use your mouse and right-click in the area you want to paste and select Paste in the menu that appears.


c. Move the cursor to the location you want to paste the contents and on the keyboard press CTRL + V or Shift + Insert shortcut keys.

Note:If nothing is in the clipboard nothing can be pasted and the paste option is grayed out. Something must be cut or copied before it can be pasted.

Practice pasting text

Using the below two text fields try cutting the text in the first box and pasting it into the second box. If done successfully the “Example text to cut” should be moved from the first text field to the second text field. If you copy instead of cut, “Example text to cut” would be in both text fields.

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2. Linux command, see the paste command page for additional information.

Also see: Clipboard, Copy, Cut, Move, Paste special, Pastebin


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